Get more power through breakfast

(DJD). What foods can be breakfast “Imperial”, provide the body with enough power so for the day? And the courts need in the preparation of the least power? This question was in five breakfast meetings, the shell private energy power rating together with the dietician and nutrition scientist Dr. Brigitte Bäuerlein after.


– Green tea or coffee? The caffeine contained in tea provides long-term energy. The tea scores in addition to healthy, immune-enhancing plant dyes and bitter substances. Result: Green tea provides 20 percent more energy than coffee.
– White sausage or Asian breakfast noodle soup? In sausages many unhealthy fats stuck with plenty of saturated fat. but Weißwürste also consist of about eleven percent quality and satiating proteins. [ How works the Lifeplus Brain Formula order, if I want to pay cash? ] The Asian noodle soup, however, is not only low in fat, but also contains many fiber and minerals. It delivers 15 percent more power and is also prepared more power efficient.


– Wholegrain Aufbackbrötchen or toast? White flour delivers only mediocre power, whereas wholemeal are nutritionally very valuable. They provide plenty of fiber and minerals. So the wholemeal roll to win by more than 60 percent more power for the body. This is similar to the higher power consumption over from.


– Pancakes or Belgian waffles? The main ingredients of good wafers include butter and sugar. When Pancake eggs and milk play a greater role. Winner of the “Power duel” are therefore the pancakes, they bring 35 percent more power for the body. When power consumption waffles perform better.
– Boiled egg or oatmeal? The egg contains superior proteins, many water- and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. The porridge, however, consists of some nutrients that are missing from the egg. Recommended is therefore a combination of the two courts. Power consumption is the porridge way less than the egg. Further information is available under

Recipe tip: Asian breakfast noodle soup

(DJD). The Asian breakfast noodle soup that has the white sausage in terms of power and electricity consumption clearly gouged private energy in Shell Power rating is served daily in Vietnam about a million times for breakfast. [ Where can I order Daily BioBasics without a credit card? ] It is low in fat and contains lots of fiber and minerals. Preparation: Dissolve 1 tablespoon granulated Biogemüsebrühe in 250 ml of water. A kl. peeled ginger slice and cook boil with chopped vegetables to taste (about carrot sticks, green onions, bell pepper strips) and 1 tablespoon Asian noodles.


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