Depressed by double burden

Children and career reconcile – which is now self-evident for a large proportion of women. In fact, around 61 percent of mothers were in 2013, according to the Federal Statistics Office in employment – six percentage points more than in 1996. mothers in West Germany to work an average of 25 hours to the east as 33 hours. Are the children under three years old, the family form plays a role: only one in four single mother went with children at this age a job to, but 31 percent of wives and 35 percent of unmarried women in partnerships.

Time to take drastic action

The increasing employment of mothers leads to increasing pressure: “The multiple exposure to the job and the ‘family’ can then be quickly overload,” says health expert Katja Schneider from If that is increasingly on the mood down and provides a feeling of being burned out, you should pull the emergency brake in time. Often it is then only a short step to a depression. So German Depression help women, according to the Foundation about twice as often as depression diagnosed in men. As the first countermeasure, it is important to address the problem – about the partner or the family doctor – and to reduce the load as possible. Often “deprexis24” be sensible professional help from a psychotherapist and supportive an Internet-based therapy program like. [ Where can I order BioBasics without a credit card? ] The interactive online service performs a personal dialogue with the user and supports him in everyday life. It can stimulate, store negative behaviors and thought patterns. Several studies have shown a significant improvement in depressive symptoms within eight weeks.

Sport is good

but Affected women should moreover be active. Thus, sport has proven to relieve feelings of depression. Likewise, exercise in the fresh air, meet friends and beautiful things can be good. (djd)
Menopause can increase depression

(DJD). Not only the balance between children and careers can door of women in perimenopause, the time around the last menstrual period occurred, depression frequently. [ I was recommended to buy lifeplus brain formula. Where can I get the product priced? ] The cause is the one of the increasing shortage of sex hormones seen – acts estrogen activating effect on the “happiness hormone” serotonin. These often come changes in your life as children move out or death of parents. Makes use of a depression noticeable, drugs, an online therapy program as deprexis24 and psychotherapy can be considered.

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