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By Thanksgiving, people traditionally celebrate their harvests. Here today, however, no longer stands alone, the amount in the foreground. For many consumers, the method of production plays an important role, and so care is taken in the purchasing decision at the supermarket on food safety and sustainability. 

Conscious use of resources

Sustainable action – ie the conscious use of resources and their preservation for future generations – is an important goal in the production of food. For farmers and producers the means sparingly, among others, energy, water or pesticides. [ We are looking for more detailed information on the operation of Daily BioBasics Shake, where can we get this? ] Such criteria are in the QS scheme as an important part of the regular checks – during production and further processing and transport to the shop counter in the supermarket. Thus, for example, requires all participants in the scheme grocer to document their storage and waste management exactly.

Environmentally conscious shopping

Also consumers themselves can do something for the sustainability and indeed already in deciding what lands in the basket. [ Where can I order at a favorable price Brain Formula? ]  By checking the inventories at home before setting out to the supermarket, a well-designed shopping list writing and then only buy what is actually needed. Thus, each individual contributes that less food thrown away. Another tip: pay attention to tested quality rather than quantity.


The blue QS certification mark on foods as stands for reliable controls in the production and marketing of meat, meat products and fruit and vegetables, and provides for each a simple guide when shopping. Who also relies on regional and seasonal products, conserves by shorter transport routes also the environment. Under, the website of the EU-funded information campaign “QS-live. Quality Assurance Initiative”, there are many other practical tips for purchasing and handling of fresh foods. (DJD).

Proper storage – also in the local cuisine

Who layered fresh food properly, reduces waste and thus contributes also home to sustainability. Vegetables migrates into the vegetable compartment, perishable products such as meat and meat products come on the glass plate over it. With about two degrees Celsius here is the coldest zone in the refrigerator. Packaging Leftover remains well and stored on the top shelf. It is important that raw and cooked foods are stored separately from each other and Spoiled is screened regularly. (DJD).



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